Private Bathroom

Some people get confused by what a private and a shared bathroom means when it comes to hostel or guest houses in Europe. At the Subirats we offer both "Private Ensuite" means the bathroom is accesible and private from your room. The "Shared Bathrrom" means it is in the main hallway from your room, and is completely lockable and private when your in it. This is what our exact shared bathrooms look like:

Subirats Accommodations

Welcome to Subirats, We have small single rooms for 1 or 2 people with shared bath, double rooms with ensuite all the way up to large double size rooms with 10 Beds in them! Perfect for groups and families that need a lot of beds but require privacy.

 Double Rooms have up to 10 beds     Private doubles have 2 beds and some ensuites

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The AAE Subirats has Great Eats, right downstairs at our main entry level. Try a lunch special and experience the "sidewalk cafe" feeling is weather allows it.